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Cloth Diaper Repairs

Yes, we do cloth diaper repairs.

Elastic Replacement:
We will replace elastic on most brands of cloth diapers. The cost is $5 for all three elastics, or $4 for just the legs. Depending on the design of your diaper, we may make small cuts into the interior fabric of your diaper to effect the repair. We don't repair Chinese import brands at all.

Hook and Loop Tape Replacement:
We will replace hook and loop tape on your diapers with a much higher quality hook and loop from Touchtape. We will not replace hook and loop in all brands - some are just too much work to get to the diaper innards and the cost would be just as much as simply buying new. Cost is $4 for just the tabs, or $8 for the landing strip + tabs. We don't repair Chinese import brands.

Snap Conversion:
We can convert your diapers from hook and loop tape to snaps. We cannot un-do the fabric holes from the hook and loop. Cost is $7 per diaper. We don't work on Chinese import brands.

Snap Repairs:
Broke a snap? Lost a snap? Cost is $.50 per snap. I have many colors of snaps, but I don't have every color and can't guarantee your replacement snaps will match exactly.

Want to have us repair some of your diapers? Please contact us today. Turnaround is usually 2 weeks or less. You're responsible for shipping the diapers here and back, or you can drop them off if you live nearby.



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