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Prefolded Diapers
Prorap Covers are Workhorses Prorap Covers
Prorap Covers
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The Prorap Classic Diaper Cover is the workhorse of the cloth diapering world! A strong, no-nonsense wrap, the Prorap Classic keeps wetness in and is super comfortable for baby!

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Fabric available for made to order items


Prorap Details:

  • Made from a soft polyester knit laminate.
  • Double barrier gusset at the legs.
  • Closes with institutional "laundry safe" hook and loop tape.
  • Plenty of material above the tummy loop to avoid scratching.
  • Will fit over most fitted diapers and prefolds.


Prorap Cover: $7.00 each


Wallypop Basic Covers

We found a few of these while cleaning out our storage bins! These are Wallypop's Basic Covers - 1 layer of PUL (sometimes with a lining of Malden Mills lining fabric), integrated gussets, Touchtape closures.


In Stock Basic Cover: $7 each



Fitted Diapers restocked!

Changing Pads and Wet Bags back in stock! Now available with zip closures and doorknob loops in addition to our popular double-drawstring.

Did you know we also sell fabric for making your own cloth diapers? Check out our sister site DiaperFAB.