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Wool Wash
Lanolin Spray
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Hey, you know you have to wash them, so here are some products designed to make it easier on you!

We also have a Concentrated Wipe Solution/Baby Wash from Naturally Luxe available with the wipes, and Hand Santizer over at WP Living.

Rockin' Green

Are you sick and tired of battling with stinky diapers?

Then Rockin' Green should be on your cloth diaper playlist!

We are currently carrying Rockin' Green's REMIX, which is:

  • Gentle for longevity. The new blends have the lowest PH of any other cloth diaper detergent on the market, which means that it’s even gentler on fabrics and diapers.
  • Safer for sensitive skin. Having undergone cosmetic testing, Rockin’ Green can be used on the most sensitive of skin types. (Testing was done on Rockin’ Green’s unscented soap called Bare Naked Babies )
  • Better cleaning power. Designed to deliver more cleaning power per scoop, many customers have found a 60 percent reduction in stains, and were able to reduce the amount of “rock the soaks” needed.

Rockin' Green comes in three formulas and a variety of scents. The awesome thing about the scents is that they wash completely out of your laundry - they're really just for your own personal enjoyment while you do laundry!

Classic Rock: This is the sound that started it all. Our original formula is great for diapers and regular clothes. So use it on everything! This formula is designed for those with middle of the road water, not too soft and not too hard. When in doubt start with classic rock!

Soft Rock: This is the formula designed for the most sensitive of customers! Designed for those with soft water, this formula is just the right mix of gentle cleaners to get the job done with less rinsing.

Hard Rock: This hard water formula is perfect for those that struggle with diaper laundry! Hard Rock will blow you away!

Not sure which formula to use? Rockin' Green has a handy chart, but also take into account your local variations. Well water, water softener, etc., will all make a different. Still not sure? Try a sample size and see what you think! (We use Hard Rock in Des Moines, without a water softener.)

Rockin’ Green is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients which makes it good for the planet and gentler on your little ones. Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen).

Personally, I love this detergent. And I've tried a LOT of laundry soap over the years. I've never found anything I was super thrilled with for diapers (including Charlie's, Country Save, and a few other of the usual soaps recommended for diapers). Our family was having some issues with stink once Genna became a toddler and started having that stinky toddler pee. Rockin' Green absolutely wiped that out. It was truly amazing.

Available in several yummy fragrances and unscented!

Mighty Mighty Marshmallow - it's sweet and nutty, and very mighty!
Smashing Watermelons- this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses.
The Green Tea's - the zen like blend of green tea and aloe is sure to make it to the top of your playlist.
Rage against the Raspberry- this raspberry and honey blend will have you running around the laundry room looking for the mosh pit!
Mötley Cleän - there's clean and then there's Mötley Cleän. This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine.
Lavender Mint Revival- this medley of lavender and mint is like nothing you have heard or smelled.

One bag of Rockin' Green Laundry Soap will wash 45 loads in a regular top-loader, or 90 in an HE washing machine.

Rockin' Green Soap, 45/90 loads:
SALE!!! $7.00
Soft Rock: $13.95
Classic Rock: $13.95
Hard Rock: $15.95


Rockin' Green Soap, sample:
Soft Rock: $.75
Classic Rock: $.75
Hard Rock: $.80



Funk Rock

Do you have the funk? Stinkies? Ammonia problems? Diapers that make your eyes water? Have you considered a kryptonite lined diaper pail to contain the smell of your dirty diapers? Did fluffy or fido have an accident on your bunny slippers? Dealing with the dreaded toddler pee?

You need funk rock!

This 100% natural compound is unlike anything you have tried before. It targets funk at the source and leaves no prisoners. Just 4 tablespoons is enough to de-funk up to 20 diapers in one sitting. A little to your pre-wash to keep the stinkies from coming back.

That’s right, this little 9 ounce bag will keep the diaper funk away for over a month!
Phosphate Free – Enzyme Free – SLS Free

Rockin' Green Funk Rock, 9 oz.: $12.95 ON SALE $6


Lanolin Spray

An easy way to lanolize your wool items. Simply spray this non-clumping mist and gently work into the wool. Made with organic lanolin and other beneficial organic oils. Helps to gently condition your wool diaper covers and soakers. Also works great to help soften scratchy sweaters. (I have used this to soften a wool hat I knit for myself last year that was making my forehead itch!)

Available in three scents:

Lavender: Classic, fresh scent that is often used in baby products.
Yuzu: Japanese citrus fruit. It's very light.
Black Raspberry Vanilla: There just aren't words to describe this. I kind of want to eat it..
Spiced Plum: Reminds me of holiday baking.

Naturally Luxe Lanolin Spray, 2 oz bottle: $6.50


Wool Wash

2 fl oz bottle of pure pharmaceutical grade, pesticide-free and chemical-free liquid lanolin for easy lanolizing. The lanolin oil will not clump up on you when you're lanolizing your woolens. This is, in my opinion, much better and much easier to use than lanolin creams that you have to melt.


Naturally Luxe Liquid Lanolin $5.00


Freshens you diaper pail and adds a nice boost to your diaper (or regular) laundry routine. Sprinkle some in your dry pail or hamper. All natural and cloth diaper safe. It has a clean refreshing scent and is scented with all natural essential oils. Also contains sodium bicarbonate and sodium borate.

Some families have found that adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to their diaper laundry does not work well for them. If you're one of those families, this product is not for you. (Most families use baking soda without problem.)

Naturally Luxe Pail Deodorizer and Laundry Booster $6



Potty Pail Makes Cloth Diapering a Breeze Potty Pail! Easy to Use Sprayer

The complete system includes a spray hose, which is Guaranteed For Life, and a sprayer pail that sits on the toilet. The Potty Pail can also be used as a bathroom portable utility sink for all types of other messy clean-up chores. Cleaning cloth diapers has never been this easy and sanitary!  

What makes the Potty Pail different from other sprayers? The integrated pail! Our family has tried using other brands of sprayers, but somehow always ended up with diaper contents spattered around the bathroom, making a mess. Even if we got the diaper contents directed into the right place, there was still a lot of overspray. And then we had to squeeze the excess water out of our diapers with our bare hands - yuck - or heave a sopping wet diaper into the pail.

The Potty Pail system solves this problem by including a pail that sits on top of the toilet, keeping all that nasty overspray where it belongs! Then use the integrated hooks to let your diapers drip dry a bit before tossing them in your pail - no more sopping wet diapers in the pail, and no more squeezing out the excess (poopy) water with your hands!

When you click the Potty Pail image link below, you will leave Wallypop. We are just an affiliate, and do not sell them ourselves. I do highly recommend the complete system, including the pail because it prevents splashing. However, the sprayer may also be purchased without the pail.

Hose Only: $44.95
Bucket Only: $32.95
Entire System (which is what I personally recommend): $62.95


Citrus Circles

Citrus Circles™ are deodorizing wafers for any smelly contained space. They offer a fresh, clean citrus scent. Ideal for any contained area that needs "freshening" up including diaper pails, garbage pails, bathrooms, etc. They are individually wrapped to ensure freshness and are made in the USA.

Each package contains 5 individually wrapped disks. Each disk will last about 3 weeks in your diaper pail or bag. They will fit into the slot provided in commercial diaper pails, and they can be taped inside other pails or slipped into the pocket of a pail liner.

I personally find the scent of these discs to be quite pleasant without being overpowering.


Citrus Circles: $2.75 for 5



Fitted Diapers Restocked


Changing Pad and Wet Bag sets listed on Etsy!

Did you know we also sell fabric for making your own cloth diapers? Check out our sister site DiaperFAB.