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Doublers, Stuffers, Inserts, and Liners

Trifold Inserts Increase Absorbency But Dry Fast! Rectangular Inserts are Easy To Use Microfiber Towels are Compact Stay Dry liners keep baby dry

Wallypop Trifold Inserts and Rectangular Inserts

Trifold Insert

Wallypop Inserts are multi-purpose diapering accessories. They are stuffers for pocket diapers, lay-in doublers, and even wipe or burp cloths.

Wallypop Inserts come in two sizes: Small inserts fit Wallypop small diapers well without being bulky. Medium/Large inserts fill medium or large diapers and provide additional absorbency.

The flannel layer in Wallypop Inserts come in a variety of prints and solid colors. We'll choose from our available inventory.

Washing Instructions Fabric available for made to order items


Trifold Insert Details:

  • One layer of soft flannel, one layer of absorbent sherpa.
  • Also available in all hemp.
  • Fold into thirds for six layers of absorbency during use.
  • Unfolds to two layers for quick drying and easy cleaning.

Rectangular Insert Details:

  • Two layers of flannel and three (small) or four (medium/large) layers of sherpa.
  • Also available in all hemp.
  • Fits neatly into fitted diapers, prefold diapers, or pocket diapers with no folding needed.
  • Takes a bit more time to dry than trifold stuffers.

Wallypop Inserts: $3.50 each Basic/$4.00 each Hemp



Microfiber Inserts

Microfiber Inserts are 16 inch squares of microfiber. They can be folded into thirds (or fourths) and used as super trim, super absorbent inserts with pocket diapers.

Microfiber should never lay directly next to baby's skin, as its super absorbency can actually pull moisture from the skin, leaving irritations. But it's harmless when placed inside a pocket diaper.

Many families find microfiber makes an ideal insert for pocket diapers - it's trim and absorbent. To maintain peak absorbency, don't dry your microfiber towels in the dryer. Instead, just hang them out to dry, or lay them on top of the dryer while the diapers are drying. Because they are all polyester, they will dry very quickly.

Microfiber Towel Details:

  • 16 inch square of polyester microfiber.
  • Made by Eurow.
  • Can be folded up to fit inside a pocket diaper for a super-trim fit.
Microfiber Insert: $1.75 each or six for $10.00


Wallypop Stay-Dry Liners

Keep baby's bum dry with Wallypop Stay-Dry Liners. 

Made from high-quality microfleece, these liners are made to lie on top of the diaper next to baby's skin. They not only effectively pull moisture away from baby's bottom to the diaper, but they also help keep poop off your diapers. When baby has a BM, you can simply shake the poop off the fleece liner into the toilet. Poop doesn't stick to fleece. (Note: when baby is exclusively breastfed, poopy diapers can go straight into the pail.)

Stay-Dry Liner Details:

  • Approximately 5"x12"
  • Edges are unfinished for the ultimate in softness.
  • 100% polyester microfleece wicks moisture away, keeping baby feeling dry.
  • One-size-fits-most, but liners are easily trimmed down!
  • Come in an assortment of colors, we'll pick.
In Stock Wallypop Stay-Dry Liners: $1.00 each or $11/dozen



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