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Sizing Information


Wallypop Brand diapers and covers
Prorap Covers
Should I get Mediums or Larges?


Wallypop Brand Diapers and Covers

Weight Waist* Thigh Rise**
Small 8-16 lbs 6-18 2-10 13/14
Medium 13-25 lbs 8-22 4-12 15
Large 18-35 lbs 10-24 6-15 19

Ranges are approximate; fit varies with each child.
* The waist measurement on snap close diapers is slightly larger, since they don't have the crossover feature that Touchtape diapers have.
** The rise on covers is slightly larger.

The size large starts at 18 lbs, reflecting a slender toddler, not a fat baby. This is important! Most babies will not move into a large until they are 18 months or older. Most babies younger than 18 months or so will SWIM in a large. Trust me on this. Many babies will potty train while still in mediums.


ProRap Covers

Weight Waist Leg Rise
Newborn  5-10 lbs 12-18" 6-8" 14"
Small 9-14 lbs 14-20" 9-10" 18"
Medium 13-25 lbs 14-24" 10-12" 20"
Large 24-35 lbs 18-25" 10-13" 22"
Fit will vary with each child's unique shape.


Help! I'm not sure whether I should get medium Wallypops or large Wallypops!

There is a lot of overlap between these sizes, but the mediums will fit younger children better, while the larges will fit older children better. Mediums will fit trimmer on larger children, Larges will provide more coverage.

Has your child started walking and slimming down yet? If no, go with mediums. If yes, consider larges.



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