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Prefolded Diapers

Wallypop Diapers are known for their surprising high quality and equally surprising low prices. One repeat customer has said "You know, you should charge a lot more for your diapers, they could easily compete with the major name brands out there." We are very flattered by this compliment and the many others we receive, but we are also committed to our goal of helping one-income families afford high-quality cloth diapers.


Custom KU DiaperDoesn't YOUR baby deserve a soft Wallypop diaper?Cute babies love our diapers

I just got my diaper today and I am so impressed! This diaper is the BEST diaper that we have now. You have done an excellent job! I think that I will never again buy another mass-produced diaper in my life. - Mollie




Fitted Diapers restocked!

Changing Pads and Wet Bags back in stock! Now available with zip closures and doorknob loops in addition to our popular double-drawstring.

Did you know we also sell fabric for making your own cloth diapers? Check out our sister site DiaperFAB.