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Wallypop Essential Fitted Diapers

Hows a Wallypop Fitted DIaper Wallypop Fitted Diapers Work Great
Our Fitted Diapers Are Soft and Absorbent
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An essential part of your cloth diaper stash!

Fitted diapers are convenient and easy to use. Our fitteds are trim, yet absorbent enough for heavy wetters (especially when used with a Wallypop Doubler). Fitted diapers are not waterproof; they must be worn with a separate cover if you want protection from wetness.

Wallypop Fitteds were my first product ever - I've been making these for over eleven years now. They remain my favorite item, and make up about 90% of my current cloth diaper stash for my youngest. I flat-out love them, especially with edge-sewn soakers and Touchtape closures.

Fitteds are flannel with Sherpa soaker pads unless otherwise noted.

Have a heavy wetter? We make an awesome custom diaper especially for heavy wetters. It's not trim, but I've only found one kid in eleven years for whom this diaper didn't work. (My youngest, with high output kidney failure.) However, many parents who believe they have heavy wetters find that our regular instock fitteds work just fine for them, and are more absorbent than many diapers on the market today.

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In stock diapers.
These diapers are in stock and ready to be shipped. We can also make you custom diapers.

In Stock Basic Essential Fitted: 9.50 Each
Buy 3 or more, save more!
Purchase 3, $9 each. Purchase 4, $8.75 each. Purchase 5, $8.50 each. Purchase 6, $8 each. To take advantage of this sale, choose the quantity you want from the options below, and indicate your selections at checkout.

Add a doubler and save!
  Add Trifold Doubler (+ 3.00)
Add Rectangular Doubler (+ $3.00)

Please, only one add-on doubler per diaper.



Custom Touches!

We can add custom touches to your diapers! Some things we've done for past customers include:

  • Use customer-provided fabric.
  • Use sports-team or other licensed fabrics.
  • Add emblems, embroidery, or patches.
  • Additional absorbency added to each diaper, such as a complete internal soaker combined with an additional edge-sewn soaker.
  • Smaller or larger sizes.

Please contact us to share your ideas and for pricing and ordering information.



Check out our Perfect Size Fitted Diapers - three sizes to fit your little one perfectly!

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